Installation / 10 x 7 m, variable / Mixed media / 2009


Memories; recollections of past experiences, sometimes truthful, often distorted; a faint image of a reality long gone, once clear as the experience itself, now mere constructions of abstracted impressions. Did they occur, or was it just imagined out of a desire to shape the past into an alternate reality? A foundation maybe for a more self-fulfilling future? One in which the now goes beyond the burden of the then.

The work Delivery is based on the process of recollection and its inherent conflict with past reality.  It was specifically made for the exhibition Constructures and consisted of an installation of two dark spaces divided by a narrow corridor. The limited size of the corridor restricted movement and created awkward moments between visitors passing one another. The wooden walls on either side of it completely obscured the two spaces, with the exception of a barred opening on one side that could be seen upon entering. Through this more or less underground window a dimly lit room was visible. The room was filled with leaking carbon boxes and one single white cube hanging in the middle of the space. Furthermore a light tube was leaning against a wall flashing irregularly and causing the space to be illuminated briefly.

When exiting the corridor again on the opposite side, the other room could be entered. This space was even darker, faintly lit with green diffuse light. Several massive boxes were positioned along the walls of the room. The boxes were completely sealed in black plastic. Initially upon entering the space seemed to be silent, but after closer inspection eary sounds were audible and the boxes appeared to be moving. Adhering to some inner clockwork, hidden from the viewer, as if filled with life, the boxes reference thoughts in motion within a continuously alternating reality.